Classes and Programs

The Children’s Winter Garden with White Wing offers traditional preschool programming in our mornings as well as extended day programs. We are an NAEYC accredited school dedicated to offering caring preschool instruction which is developmentally appropriate.


All classes include enrichment time such as music and creative movement. We also schedule special events throughout the year such as Story Time and Puppet Show with the Nashua Public Library, Post Office Program, Field Day, Dental Hygienist Visit, Fire Safety Program and Fire Truck visit, Earth Day activities and celebration, Petting Farm visit, and the Seacoast Science Center Tide Pool Program.

2 Year old Classroom  8:45am-11:15am
2 day: TH, F
3 day: M, T, W

3 Year old Classroom  8:15am-11:30am
2 day: TH, F or T, TH
3 day: M, T, W
5 day: Mon – Fri

4 Year old Classroom  8:15am-11:30am
3 day: M, T, W or M, W, F
5 day: Mon – Fri

4 Year old Extended Day class 8:00am-2:00pm

3 day MWF

Pre-K Classroom 8:15am-2:00pm

5 day: M-F

Kindergarten Classroom   8:15am-2:00pm
5 day: Mon – Fri


Early Drop Off  naeyc_logo
Full Day Programs