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If you are new to the Children’s Winter Garden with White Wing the best way to learn about us is to give us a call and take a look at our website. Please give us a call at 603-882-1041 and our Director, Chris Clanin will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also email her at chrisclanin@comcast.net



Thank you for all of your support

This has been a challenging year, to say the least. A challenging year for the whole world, which we are a very small part of. However our world here at Children’s Winter Garden with White Wing School has been a very happy place this year. We’ve certainly had our challenges with COVID, along the way, but I want to thank our families for the tremendous support that they have given to us during the year. Their trust in us to keep their children safe during this pandemic is incredible and we definitely take this very seriously. Thank you to all of our families for this trust and we hope that we risen to your expectations. Our year is coming to a close in a few weeks and we are hoping that things will calm down a bit for our September opening, but if they don’t we will be here again providing the best and safest environment for your children.

Warm regards,


How is it December already? We really have had a great time over the past 3 months. Despite COVID-19, our classes have been having so much fun. The teachers are unbelievably creative in providing individual materials to all of the children. Our holidays including Halloween and Thanksgiving have been celebrated, just in different ways. During the month of November, we had a community project and asked our families to send in food for the Nashua Soup Kitchen. We brought over approximately 50 bags filled with groceries. Thank you to all of our families who were able to contribute. We celebrated a Virtual Open House for families including all kinds of video of their children engaged in various activities. We have embraced the changes that needed to be made due to the Pandemic. We are so happy that we are able to be open in a safe way for our children.

December promises to be another exciting, activity packed month. All of the children will be working on Holiday gifts for their families. Lots and lots of painting, cutting, gluing and assembling is going on in this workshop. Some of our topics that the children will be learning about are Gingerbread, Trees, Candy Canes, Reindeer, Hannukah, Holiday traditions and the color green. Letters G & H will also be learned.

There will be a couple of special days during the month. Our three year old students will have a Pajama Party complete with Hot Chocolate. They will also decorate holiday cookies that they will have for snack. Our four year old students will enjoy a ride on “The Polar Express”. They will each have a golden ticket to catch a ride. Hot chocolate, decorating cookies, playing a Polar Express scavenger hunt and listening to the Polar Express book will be some of the events during the day.

The Registration period for the 2021-2022 school year is starting. Give me a call so that I can answer any questions you may have. Due to COVID-19 we are unable to have any visitors in the building for tours, but I have put a video on the front page of this website and also on the enrollment page, so that you are able to see what we do here at CWG-WWS.

We wish you all a Happy Holiday season and look forward to 2021.

Warm regards,


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Well we are so happy to be back to school. It has been a long time since March 13 when we closed due to COVID-19. The teachers did a fabulous job putting together a virtual curriculum which the children enjoyed, but we are so happy to be physically back in school.

The children have been adjusting so well and are having so much fun playing with all new materials, making new friends and enjoying the outdoor time with the beautiful weather we’ve been having.

October promises to be chock full of great Autumn activities. Some of our themes this month include The Farm where the children will explore all kinds of animals that are on a farm. Some of the animals will be pigs, cows and horses. They will also be learning about pumpkins…what’s inside a pumpkin, do they sink or do they float, have relay races with pumpkins and paint them among many other activities. They will also be talking about objects that they collect on a nature walk and then making a collage with these objects which include leaves, acorns, grass and any other things they collect along their walk.

Our author of the month will be Ed Emberley who writes wonderful books such as Go Away Big Green Monster, Glad Monster Sad Monster and Nighty Night Little Monster among others. They all have a message for the children and have great illustrations. Mr. Emberly will also be introduced on Letter E day which reinforces the letter. Speaking of letters, the children will learn about Letters D, E and F this month.

We plan on having a wonderful month which will culminate in celebrating Halloween. All day the children will engage in Halloween activities and their day will end dancing to The Monster Mash.

We currently have a couple of 3 year old openings in our T/TH class. If you are interested please call 882-1041 and we can set up a tour.

Happy Autumn to you all. What a beautiful and colorful season to be in New England.



Winter Garden-White Wing Weekly

As a way to connect with our children and families during the COVD-19 Pandemic, our teachers are creating videos every day and sending the link to parents. Some of our videos are also on our facebook page, Children’s Winter Garden with White Wing School, for your enjoyment. We are keeping our connection intact, so that the children understand how important they are to us and that we miss them very much. To celebrate The NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child, below you will find all kinds of descriptions of activities that will go on in our learning this week.

Hello to our families ,

We hope your Easter and Passover celebrations were enjoyable. They were certainly holidays that will stick in our memories forever. Hopefully you were all able to connect over the internet and phone with your loved ones. I saw so many cute pictures on facebook of many of our families dressed in their Easter outfits and I enjoyed them so much.

This week starts the NAEYC Week of the Young Child, celebrating our children for all of the kindness and joy that they bring into our lives. As a result of this celebration every day this week will celebrate our children in different ways. The following is the next group of videos that the teachers will share with your children:

  • Monday – Today is Music Monday which is taught by Miss Angie and her daughter Jillian. Miss Angie starts out teaching the children how to make different musical instruments with materials that you can find in your home. Jillian will be teaching the children some stretching and dance activities that they can try at home and Miss Angie will finish up reading a Pete the Cat book.
  • Tuesday is Taste Tuesday and will be filled with all kinds of activities that deal with Taste. Miss Chrissy will read a book called I Hear a Pickle and be conducting a skittle experiment. She will teach the children how to make an apple pie in a cup using applesauce, cinnamon and granola. The children will learn a song “Way up high in an apple tree”, build an apple tree using pretzels and fruit loops and do a magic apple tree experiment.
  • Wednesday is called WOW Wednesday. Miss Meghan and Miss Catherine will be sharing quite a few science experiments that are activities that you can do with items you have at home. My grandson and I will be making another appearance doing a science experiment that involves mixing baking soda, oil and vinegar. It’s pretty cool to see. One of the art activities they will be doing is called Splat Painting and Miss Catherine will show the children how to make pretty spring forsythias and will also be doing a cooking activity.
  • Thursday will be Artsy Thursday. Miss Stefi will be creating collages with items from home and also make bubble paint. She will be showing the children how to make clothes pin butterflies. She will also will be playing with playdough and talking about fun items you have at home that can help you be creative with the playdough.
  • Friday is entitled Family Friday. Mrs. Louis will be reading a book that was her son and daughter’s favorite book when they were little. She will also be sharing some family activities that her family loves to do together, such as cooking her family’s favorite meal and sharing some of their favorite games. She will also be showing the children an art activity to hang in their windows to show appreciation to our first responders.
  • Monday April 20 will be the color Purple day taught by Mrs. Kupchik. She will be talking about Primary and secondary colors with the children. Of course Teddy will be involved and will be mixing colors to make purple. She will be showing the children a volcano experiment with purple lava and reading “Harold and the Purple Crayon”. Make sure to have your children wear purple on Monday.

Sounds like a lot of great learning will be going on. The teachers love to share these videos with the children and we hope they are enjoying watching them and learning along the way.

We wish you a wonderful week and please remember how much we love and miss all of our families. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me any time. I am in the office a few times a week and always listen to messages.

Warm regards,


HAPPY 2020

Happy New Year to you all. This is going to be a great year, especially at CWG-WWS. We started out our month with our 4 year old classes exploring the author of the month Jan Brett. The illustrations in her books are stunning and go along with our winter themes. Books such as The Mitten, The Hat and Home for Christmas are wonderful stories filled with beautiful artwork.

All of our classes have been exploring the beautiful season of Winter. They have talked  about Winter, Snowflakes, Skating, Penguins and Snow people among many other topics. Our three year old classes have been learning all about bears this month. The topics of Brown bears, Polar bears and hibernation are filling their days with learning and experiments. Who wouldn’t want to make a snow cave out of sugar cubes for our Polar Bear Day and also float Polar bears on ice creations floating  in the water table.Their month will culminate with a Teddy Bear Picnic. This will be a day they can share with their favorite bear or stuffed animal and will end with a picnic along with their animals for snack.

The color of the month will be blue and the children will be finger painting with bright blue paint. Lots of creating will be going on with that activity.

The children  learned about Martin Luther King and talked about  kindness on that day. They did a project that was entitled “be the I in kind”. On that day they actually did an experiment with eggs that came from two of our children’s chickens. They were all different colors. The point was that although they looked different from the outside, they were all the same on the inside. Below are pictures of the experiment.









What a wonderful thought to keep in mind!

We look forward to the rest of the month experimenting and learning about all different things about Winter. We wish you a month filled with kindness.

We are currently conducting tours and registering for the fall of 2020. Please give us a call at 882-1041 to set up a tour and we will be very happy to show you around and answer any questions you have.

Warm regards,


Busy month in October

Hello all,

Welcome to October at CWG-WWS!! We are definitely in store for an event filled month here at our school. We seriously can’t believe that the month of September is over and we have entered Autumn. What a beautiful time of year in New England. The children have already gone on a Buddy Bird Watch to reinforce the letter B. They came back in with their pockets filled with acorns, leaves and of course rocks. They made collages with all their treasures and examined them under a magnifying glass. Our 4 year olds also went on field trips to Brookdale Farms where they went on a hayride, did some apple picking (and tasting) and navigated their way through a corn maze. They had so much fun.

We have quite a few visitors coming this month including a photographer to take the children’s pictures, a former Fire Chief, the Amherst St. Firefighters with their trucks and Miss Kim who will be starting our weekly music class among many others. Habitat for Humanity will come to our school and the children will be painting some paddles for their 25th anniversary auction. We love to become involved in community events.

Open House will be a big event this month. All the children’s artwork will be showcased and parents will get a chance to further explore the classrooms, talk with teachers and meet and chat with other parents.

The end of the month brings such a fun celebration. This is one that the children love and we will be doing lots of celebrating. Halloween activities will be going on during the last week of October and on the 30th and 31st the children will wear their costumes and parents are invited for a Halloween parade.

So all in all, this will be a fantastic month. Happy October to you all!!

Warm regards,



Welcome to the 2019 school year at CWG-WWS


We are off to a wonderful start here at CWG-WWS. The children’s first week is quickly coming to an end and it feels like we just walked in the door. What a great bunch of families we have at our school. We would like to thank all who were able to donate paper products to our school to start us up. We go through a lot of paper towels that’s for sure. In all of our classes we are concentrating on getting to know each other. What goes on in our classroom, what centers have what kind of activities, what do we do during Circle Time and when do we go outside are common questions. The most popular question is “When is snack time?” Speaking of eating snack, apples will be a topic on some of our days. We will be taste testing apples. Red ones, green ones, golden ones…which is your favorite and then of course we will have to graph the results. Who likes what and which one is the favorite are some things to think about and compare.

In our 4 year old classes our author of the month will be introduced. Norman Bridwell, who writes all of the Clifford books will be our first author. The children love Clifford, the big red dog. Our 3 year old students will also be learning about Clifford and this goes along with the color of the month which is Red.  A lot of Pete the Cat books will also be read including the book about his new school shoes.

Later in the month our 4 year olds will be venturing out on our first field trip with a visit to Brookdale Farms. They will go on a hayride, navigate the corn maze and pick some apples. What a fun day that will be.

Our youngest children, our little two year olds, are making their way around the classroom. They are so sweet and are learning to make friends and play together. They really are so cute and so ready to learn so much.

All in all it has been truly a wonderful beginning and we are looking forward to another great year.

Warm regards,




Spring is in the air

springbordersWe are so happy to feel a bit of warmth in the air. Children outside playing is the best sound of all. Being able to go outside without all the snow gear is such a wonderful thing. We can’t really complain about this winter in the snow department, but we’re so happy that the sun is out and the children get to go outside so much.

We currently have openings in some of our classes for the 2019-2020 school year. Please give us a call at 603-882-1041 to schedule a tour. I would be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

The children started their music classes with Miss Kim today and they had a glorious time. She is wonderful with the children and they all seemed so happy after their classes. We look forward to her weekly visits for the remainder of the year.

Speaking of which, how could this year be almost over? Every year goes by faster and faster and it is hard for us to let go of all the little ones we have grown so fond of. We form such loving bonds with our families and then they are off to the next step in their education.

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Happy 2019

Happy New Year to all and we send our wishes for a wonderful year ahead.

Who would think that we would have to be making snow in January? Typically we just go outside and fill a bucket with snow, but…not this year, so far. So for projects our classes are making snow out of all kinds of materials including shaving cream, cotton, ivory snow, ice and water. The children are having lots of fun manufacturing snow, but certainly they would like to put all that snow gear on and play in real snow.

Our month so far has been loads of fun including activities about bears, snow people, mittens, hot chocolate, snowflakes, penguins and lots more. Our letters for the month are I, J and K and we will include a day about Martin Luther King and kindness to go along with the letter K.

Later this month our 3 year old students will culminate their bear unit with a Teddy Bear Picnic. They can bring in their favorite stuffed animal, who will share the day with them and have a picnic for snack.

Our dance classes with Miss Rebecca started this month and the children are enjoying going up to the auditorium and running and dancing to all kinds of fun music. This is great for the children to be able to run and play, as they can’t always go outside when the weather is too cold. We will enjoy Miss Rebecca all this month and February and March. Looking forward to lots of dancing.

So all in all we are looking forward to a wonderfully busy month filled with lots and lots of creative activities.

I am scheduling tours for the 2019-2020 school year. Please give us a call at 603-882-1041 to ask any questions about our programs and we can set up a tour.

Best regards,


Holiday greets from CWG-WWS


How did we get to the mHoliday-Glitters-26onth of December already? The magic is certainly happening at our school. If you drive by the school, you can see trees, lights and candy canes in all the windows. How colorful and festive they look. The children are so proud of their accomplishments, telling me every time I go into the classroom which piece of art is theirs. There is glitter and joy all around!!

Yesterday Rev. Allison came in to read to our classes which was so much fun. She read a beautiful book called The Christmas Wish, which the children truly enjoyed. We thank her for taking time out of her day to join us. What a treat.

The children have been busily practicing songs for their Holiday Performances, later this month. Parents get ready for some awesome singing and adorable props that the children are working hard making. They are also making surprise gifts for their families. Wait until you see them. Beautiful!!

Registration has started with forms going home this week to our current families, alumni and siblings. Registration for the public will start later this month. Please make sure to call for a tour if you are interested in seeing our school. The number is 882-1041 or email me at chrisclanin@comcast.net and I will get back to you to answer any questions you may have. You can look at our section on this website on enrollment and tuitions to see our program offerings and tuition rates for the 2019-2020 school year. 

We wish each and every family a wonderful and joyous Holiday season and we hope you have a wonderful 2019.

Warm regards,