Philosophy & Mission Statementhug


CWG-WWS will provide a safe, supportive, quality educational experience for preschool and kindergarten age children that prepares them for their elementary school years and a lifetime of learning.


Our goal is to provide an environment that nurtures each child’s gifts and respects their individual pattern of growth. We know that each child is a unique person, has specific preferences for activities, and comes to us from different family and cultural backgrounds. Our program is based on not only what is developmentally appropriate for a given age group, but also what is individually appropriate for each child. We help children enrich their own identity through varied experiences in school and on field trips.

We place great importance on the whole child by providing opportunities for every facet of their development: intellectual, emotional, social, creative, and physical. In addition to traditional curricula, their development will be encouraged through exposure to science and mathematics, constructive play, and self-expression in music, dramatic play, and art. We believe the best way to prepare children for elementary school is to provide a “hands-on” approach of discovery and experimentation. This type of activity promotes a keen interest in learning and lays the foundation for more abstract learning in later years.

Activities are open-ended and success oriented, which facilitates growth for every ability level, and more importantly, fosters a positive self-image.

Finally, while CWG-WWS is non-denominational, its programs and operations are consistent with the principles and traditions of the Unitarian-Universalist Church. These principles uphold the worth of every person; prize fair and kind treatment for everyone; support learning together and the freedom to search for truth; advance the cause of peace and justice; and encourage caring for our planet, the home we share with all living things.