Happy New Year

We hope that everyone had a great holiday season. The staff is so happy to have the children back at school, where many exciting activities await them in their classrooms. The first day back, they made wonderful “snow” out of baking soda and shaving cream. It even felt like real snow!

The teachers have been busily preparing activities that include topics such as mittens, hats, snowflakes,  snow people and Winter. The children will also spend a day learning about a great leader, Martin Luther King. Teachers will tie this in with the letter K and talk about kindness to all. Jan Brett, who writes and illustrates beautiful books such as The Mitten and The Hat, will be our author of the month Polar Bears, hibernation and Teddy Bears will also be part of our themes for the month, culminating in a Teddy Bear Picnic.

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Welcome to our school

Welcome to the Children’s Winter Garden with White Wing School!

Our expanded program with options just right for your family’s schedule and your child’s preschool adventures is ready. You are welcome to visit and investigate the opportunities.

Call for a tour for our 2018-2019 school year!
If you are new to the Children’s Winter Garden with White Wing the best way to learn about us is to schedule a tour. Our Director, Chris Clanin, would love to show you around. Call her at 603-882-1041 or email

As always: you are invited to bring your child, and your inner child, to check out the possibilities!


December Greetings

Holiday greetings to all of our families.  This is going to be a very busy month for the children at CWG-WWS.  They have already started to practice for their Holiday Performances on 12/20 and 12/21.  Read more about this in the newsletter and an invitation will also be coming home next week.  They are also working hard on gifts for their parents.  Stop by any time to see the classrooms, which are decked out in a lot of holiday glitter (a lot!!) and decorations, but don’t peak at any of the gifts they are working on. Continue reading

November Reminders

November is going by far too quickly.  The children are working hard on their Turkey and Thanksgiving projects, some of which they will be wearing at our Thanksgiving feasts.  As I sit here in my office, laughter and chatter is heard throughout the school.  What a delightful sound. Continue reading

Happy October

Happy October.  The school is full of fall foliage, pumpkins,farms, farm animals, fire safety and much, much more.  The fall is a great season, when the children are busy making all kinds of colorful projects and today some of the children were even playing with some farm animals in the mud.  What fun and such a great sensory experience. Continue reading