February Update

We have really had the best Winter. Not much snow for the children to play in, but we’ve had so much fun in spite of that. January was a great month filled with Winter activities. Our little 2 year olds made snowglobes and snowmen and ice skated on paper plates. Our 3 year old classes concentrated on Bears during the month learning all about polar bears, brown bears, hibernation and their month culminated with a very exciting Teddy Bear Picnic.

Our 4 year old classes had a special author of the month by the name of Jan Brett. She is the author of so many wonderfully written and illustrated books such as The Mitten and The Hat. So many beautiful art activities went along with these books. They, along with our Kindergarten celebrated Martin Luther King by having a day of Kindness. Their art activity that day was entitled “Love Comes in Many Colors”

Both classes also honored heroes in our community such as Police Officers, Firefighters and we had some parents visit our classrooms that were in the military. They told the children about their jobs helping to keep us safe. The classes put together gifts for the visitors to show our appreciation for keeping us all safe.

It really was a wonderful month.

February took over and was just as busy. Our school was filled with love during the month. There were lots and lots of theme filled activities during the month of February.  Themes for the month included Love, the color pink, chocolates, flowers, hearts & Valentine’s Day. One of our main themes for the month was Dinosaurs. The children learned about different kinds of dinosaurs. They built a dino, used their footprint to make a dinosaur, water colored a dino hat, used Q-Tips for a dino dig, played Triceratops ring toss, did some dinosaur matching and learned about what a Paleontologist does.  This was certainly a fun filled month.

Valentine’s Day was so much fun! The children celebrated by giving one another cards and made beautiful gifts for their families.

All in all we had a wonderful February, and we look forward to so many more creative and fun filled activities in March.

Warm regards to all,


A new school year has begun here at CWG-WWS. So many happy faces are in our classrooms and there’s lots of chatter, laughter and singing going on throughout the day. We welcome back our former students, and big welcome goes out to our new students. We are lucky and happy to have all of you here.

Our month will include getting to know one another and becoming familiar with classrooms and the routine of the day. The children will talk all about themselves and their families so we can start the process of getting to know one another. Our visiting days went extremely well. It seemed like the children and parents had such a good time getting to know teachers and classmates.

The month will continue with learning all about apples. There will be taste testing various color apples and then graphing which ones the children like best. These activities cover so many areas of development i.e. science with the sense of taste, math with graphing the apples and learning about the colors of red, yellow and green. So many ways to learn in a developmental way!

Some of our classes will also be learning about the author of the month with books about Pete the Cat and our big red dog Clifford. The children love these books and will be doing all kinds of art projects that include these two fun characters.

We look forward to a wonderful month and again we welcome all of our students.

We also have the pleasure of welcoming two new teachers to our staff. Colleen Zizzi has joined us to teach our Stay & Play program and our afternoon Discovery program. Gabby Dery will be our long term sub throughout the first three months in one of our 4 year old classes. We welcome them both!!

What a great year we will have!!

Warm regards,