Winter Garden-White Wing Weekly

As a way to connect with our children and families during the COVD-19 Pandemic, our teachers are creating videos every day and sending the link to parents. Some of our videos are also on our facebook page, Children’s Winter Garden with White Wing School, for your enjoyment. We are keeping our connection intact, so that the children understand how important they are to us and that we miss them very much. To celebrate The NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child, below you will find all kinds of descriptions of activities that will go on in our learning this week.

Hello to our families ,

We hope your Easter and Passover celebrations were enjoyable. They were certainly holidays that will stick in our memories forever. Hopefully you were all able to connect over the internet and phone with your loved ones. I saw so many cute pictures on facebook of many of our families dressed in their Easter outfits and I enjoyed them so much.

This week starts the NAEYC Week of the Young Child, celebrating our children for all of the kindness and joy that they bring into our lives. As a result of this celebration every day this week will celebrate our children in different ways. The following is the next group of videos that the teachers will share with your children:

  • Monday – Today is Music Monday which is taught by Miss Angie and her daughter Jillian. Miss Angie starts out teaching the children how to make different musical instruments with materials that you can find in your home. Jillian will be teaching the children some stretching and dance activities that they can try at home and Miss Angie will finish up reading a Pete the Cat book.
  • Tuesday is Taste Tuesday and will be filled with all kinds of activities that deal with Taste. Miss Chrissy will read a book called I Hear a Pickle and be conducting a skittle experiment. She will teach the children how to make an apple pie in a cup using applesauce, cinnamon and granola. The children will learn a song “Way up high in an apple tree”, build an apple tree using pretzels and fruit loops and do a magic apple tree experiment.
  • Wednesday is called WOW Wednesday. Miss Meghan and Miss Catherine will be sharing quite a few science experiments that are activities that you can do with items you have at home. My grandson and I will be making another appearance doing a science experiment that involves mixing baking soda, oil and vinegar. It’s pretty cool to see. One of the art activities they will be doing is called Splat Painting and Miss Catherine will show the children how to make pretty spring forsythias and will also be doing a cooking activity.
  • Thursday will be Artsy Thursday. Miss Stefi will be creating collages with items from home and also make bubble paint. She will be showing the children how to make clothes pin butterflies. She will also will be playing with playdough and talking about fun items you have at home that can help you be creative with the playdough.
  • Friday is entitled Family Friday. Mrs. Louis will be reading a book that was her son and daughter’s favorite book when they were little. She will also be sharing some family activities that her family loves to do together, such as cooking her family’s favorite meal and sharing some of their favorite games. She will also be showing the children an art activity to hang in their windows to show appreciation to our first responders.
  • Monday April 20 will be the color Purple day taught by Mrs. Kupchik. She will be talking about Primary and secondary colors with the children. Of course Teddy will be involved and will be mixing colors to make purple. She will be showing the children a volcano experiment with purple lava and reading “Harold and the Purple Crayon”. Make sure to have your children wear purple on Monday.

Sounds like a lot of great learning will be going on. The teachers love to share these videos with the children and we hope they are enjoying watching them and learning along the way.

We wish you a wonderful week and please remember how much we love and miss all of our families. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me any time. I am in the office a few times a week and always listen to messages.

Warm regards,