HAPPY 2020

Happy New Year to you all. This is going to be a great year, especially at CWG-WWS. We started out our month with our 4 year old classes exploring the author of the month Jan Brett. The illustrations in her books are stunning and go along with our winter themes. Books such as The Mitten, The Hat and Home for Christmas are wonderful stories filled with beautiful artwork.

All of our classes have been exploring the beautiful season of Winter. They have talked  about Winter, Snowflakes, Skating, Penguins and Snow people among many other topics. Our three year old classes have been learning all about bears this month. The topics of Brown bears, Polar bears and hibernation are filling their days with learning and experiments. Who wouldn’t want to make a snow cave out of sugar cubes for our Polar Bear Day and also float Polar bears on ice creations floating  in the water table.Their month will culminate with a Teddy Bear Picnic. This will be a day they can share with their favorite bear or stuffed animal and will end with a picnic along with their animals for snack.

The color of the month will be blue and the children will be finger painting with bright blue paint. Lots of creating will be going on with that activity.

The children  learned about Martin Luther King and talked about  kindness on that day. They did a project that was entitled “be the I in kind”. On that day they actually did an experiment with eggs that came from two of our children’s chickens. They were all different colors. The point was that although they looked different from the outside, they were all the same on the inside. Below are pictures of the experiment.









What a wonderful thought to keep in mind!

We look forward to the rest of the month experimenting and learning about all different things about Winter. We wish you a month filled with kindness.

We are currently conducting tours and registering for the fall of 2020. Please give us a call at 882-1041 to set up a tour and we will be very happy to show you around and answer any questions you have.

Warm regards,