Welcome to the 2019 school year at CWG-WWS


We are off to a wonderful start here at CWG-WWS. The children’s first week is quickly coming to an end and it feels like we just walked in the door. What a great bunch of families we have at our school. We would like to thank all who were able to donate paper products to our school to start us up. We go through a lot of paper towels that’s for sure. In all of our classes we are concentrating on getting to know each other. What goes on in our classroom, what centers have what kind of activities, what do we do during Circle Time and when do we go outside are common questions. The most popular question is “When is snack time?” Speaking of eating snack, apples will be a topic on some of our days. We will be taste testing apples. Red ones, green ones, golden ones…which is your favorite and then of course we will have to graph the results. Who likes what and which one is the favorite are some things to think about and compare.

In our 4 year old classes our author of the month will be introduced. Norman Bridwell, who writes all of the Clifford books will be our first author. The children love Clifford, the big red dog. Our 3 year old students will also be learning about Clifford and this goes along with the color of the month which is Red.  A lot of Pete the Cat books will also be read including the book about his new school shoes.

Later in the month our 4 year olds will be venturing out on our first field trip with a visit to Brookdale Farms. They will go on a hayride, navigate the corn maze and pick some apples. What a fun day that will be.

Our youngest children, our little two year olds, are making their way around the classroom. They are so sweet and are learning to make friends and play together. They really are so cute and so ready to learn so much.

All in all it has been truly a wonderful beginning and we are looking forward to another great year.

Warm regards,