Welcome to CWG-WWS


Welcome to all of our families. It is great to have all the children here at school. We extend a huge welcome back to our returning students and a warm welcome to our new families.

The first week of school has gone exceptionally well. It’s like the children have all been here for awhile. They seem so comfortable and eager to learn and play. Even our new 2 year old friends are doing such a great job adjusting to their new surroundings. They have been learning “I’m a Little Teapot” and having tea parties to go along with it and they are having so much fun painting. I knew they were painting with green today as there were all little green paint marks on the floor outside their classroom. Always a good sign that they’re having fun.

Our three year old students are becoming familiar with their new classrooms and talking about “Me”. They are making new friends and discussing themselves and their family. By doing this we are bridging their home with their new school worlds. They also will be meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog this month and learning all about the color red and apples. What a fun place to be!

Four year old and Pre K students are concentrating on Pete the Cat this month, learning also about their author of the month Eric Litwin. This week each day they will concentrate on a new Pete the Cat book. Lots of singing is going on to go along with the books. They will also be starting the Alphabet with the letter A and having apple days to go along with this letter. They also will be talking about themselves and their families so that we can all get to know each other.

This is definitely a fun and exciting place to be and we are happy to be going along this adventure with all of the children. We look forward to an exciting year filled with wonder.

Warm regards,

Chris Clanin