happysummerHello to all of our families and future families,

What a wonderful year we had in 2017-18. We ended our year with an outdoor day celebration for our 2 and 3 year old students and their families. It was a beautiful day filled with face painting, sand and water play, bubbles, beanbag games, popsicles and all kinds of fun. For our 4 year olds we had an unbelievable graduation filled with songs, artwork, diplomas, cake and lots of family fun. We thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful children with us and for children going off to Kindergarten and Pre K classes we wish you the best. We will certainly miss our families who are moving on and hope that you come back to visit us.


After graduation we had two weeks of summer camp. Our first week was Kids Crazy Concoctions and it was filled with science experiments and activities related to water, volcanoes, rainbows, bugs and the five senses. The experiments were so exciting, predicting outcomes and watching what happens, for example in one experiment, when you add mentos to a bottle of soda. WOW now that was a sight to see. Lots of squeals of excitement and laughter ensued. Our second week of camp was entitled Preschool Picassos. Art abounded during the week decorating smocks, collaging with various materials, painting with a wide variety of textures, creating with nature and even drawing upside down like Michelangelo. Both weeks were unforgettable and we had so much fun with the children.

We had such a great year and we so look forward to our students returning and welcoming new students and families to our school. This ends our second year as a merged school and it is such a wonderful place with so much happiness and laughter. Have a wonderful and sunny summer!

Warm regards,