Specialist update

Hello all,falls

We have been told by many parents that their children are enjoying going to Mrs. Kupchik for Specialist.  I can’t even explain to you how much fun and how much learning is going on with our Specialist program.  The children are thrilled when it is their turn to go to Mrs. Kupchik’s classroom. I would like to give you a few examples of what she is doing with the children.

  • The children going to Mrs. Kupchik on Mondays are delving into Scientific experiments.  What happens when you mix all different colors in test tubes?  Do they change color and what colors mixed together make which colors?  Make sure you have your lab coat and goggles on for these experiments.  Also how do you make a cloud with shaving cream? And through that cloud, how does the rain get through and what happens to the rain when you add colors?  Lots of “Wows” are coming out of that science center.
  • Children going on Wednesdays have been experiencing music at its’ finest.  Yesterday they were painting, to the sounds of Peter Tchaikovsky’s classical music playing in the background.  The lights were down low and the children were painting with beautiful vivid colors to the strands of the music.  When the music gets faster, do you paint faster? That’s up to you.
  • On Fridays the children go to experience wonderful adventures into literature.  This past week Mrs. Kupchik was reading a Russian children’s book in both Russian and English.  This exposes the children to other cultures and to appreciate the fact that not everyone is the same.  They also acted out the book with puppets and squeals of laughter could be heard coming from the classroom.

So all in all our specialist program has started with great adventures and promises a whole lot more.  I am going to get some pictures from Mrs. Kupchik and I will send them your way.